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 Post subject: Travian T4 script - Changelog
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 8:51 am 

Joined: Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:10 am
Posts: 21

Version: 4.93

-fixed analysing bug [from analysing options, if user had "Analyse all village" set under Analysing type]

Version: 4.91

-fixed build bug [embassy]
-fixed analysing bug [resources not analysed correctly]
-fixed analysing bug [loop]

Version: 4.90

-fixed translation bug (building)
-fixed analysing bug [script stopped after sending resorces or while analysing marketplace]
-fixed analysing bug [script did not analyse Heros mansion correctly]

Version: 4.89

-fixed analysing bug (chrome browser)

Version: 4.88

-fixed analysing bug

Version: 4.87

-fixed analysing bug

Version: 4.86

-analysing is now improved so it looks more like human
-trading is now improved so it look more like human
-fixed building bug (marketplace was not built correctly)
-fixed a demolishing bug

Version: 4.85

-fixed a bug where building was not removed after final level has been reached

Version: 4.84

-fixed a bug with goldclub farmlists

Version: 4.83

-fixed a bug where tribe was not correctly identified
-fixed gaul troop 6 display bug
-fixed a bug where wall was not identified as building

Version: 4.82

-autologin improved; user must now enable autologin and input username and password (Options=>Autologin)
-improved build to look more human (this should prevent users from getting banned)
-ony build improved for now, other features will be improved in next releases. Next on the list to be improved: trade

Version: 4.81

-fixed bugs

Version: 4.80

-fixed village analyzing bug
-fixed demolishing

Version: 4.79

-fixed troop analysing bug
-fixed attack builder

Version: 4.78

-fixed analysing bug

Version: 4.77

-fixed firefox bug, when script did not work on firefox browser
-fixed copy to goldclub bug (now working)

Version: 4.76

-fixed adding goldclub farmlist to bot
-fixed problems with saving data
-fixed problems on T3.6 servers

Version: 4.74

Greasemonkey 2.0
-fixed bug when you failed to get data
-there might still be some bugs caused by greasemonkey 2.0. If you notice anything (like some feature not working, saving data not working,...), pleasse post it on forum.

-Menu on firefox<30 should be moved so it doesnt block task vision

-we are fixing golder problems, golder should be avaible soon

Version: 4.73

Crop/farm finder
-removed report analysing
-increased interval between requests: it should not take longer to find farms
(we suspect that some people got banned becouse of farm finder. By this change, farmfinder will be safer to use)

-Fixed registration: if your server has captcha, you will have to solve it. You can only have golder accs on same server as you play (Travian new rules)
-Golder page reworked

-fixed attack builder bug for targets > 30 fields
-fixed chroime+multivillage bug.

Version: 4.72
Date: 11.10.2013

-increased and more random time between requests. This should make bot harder to detect.

Goldclub farming
-you can not set minimum farming interval lower than 5 minutes.

-fixed bug when trading tasks were not saved when edited.

TravianTactics farming
-fixed bug when sometimes attacks were not sent.

Version: 4.71
Date: 3.10.2013

-fixed goldclub farming.
-fixed offline bot- it should now work properly

Version: 4.70
Date: 4.9.2013

-fixed translation bug
-pause button added for tasks. When task is paused, bot will ignore that task.

Goldclub farming
-You can now set bot to analyse yellow reports and farm them anyway if you gain more resources than lost

Version: 4.69
Date: 28.8.2013

Travian 3.6
-fixed bug, when tasks were not displayed when you switched villages
-fixed attack builder
-Festivals now work on T3.6

-when you open Logs window, logs are orded the way newer logs are displayed first.

-when sending by %, amount sent is now rounded. You can select round to: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000. Default value is 100
-when sending by %, you can now set to send only full merchants.

-You can now edit tasks in tasklist

Version: 4.68
Date: 22.8.2013

-fixed upgrading of fields on T3.6

-fixed bug, when farming bot sent multiple attacks to one farm
-farm to which was sent last attack is not colored orange.

-non donators can have only 1 acc in progress at the same time
-when non donator creates new golder acc (click create acc), acc on random avaible server for registration** will be created (sometimes on speed server, sometimes on normal server)
-Donators can have 1 account in progress on each available server for registration**
-when Donator creates new golder acc (click create acc), acc will be created on speed server first (if it is available for registration** and you do not have golder acc on that server in progress already), after that, accounts on other servers that are available for registration** will be created.

**available server for registration: in your country, not all servers are opened for registration. If you go to main travian page of your country and click register new account, you will see which servers are available for registration

Version: 4.67
Date: 15.8.2013

-Zoom button added: players with low resolution monitors can now zoom travian window (so it fits in iframe of TravianTactics window)
-buttons BACK and FORWARD removed.

-You can now set which types of field you want to upgrade when upgrading all fields

-fixed bug, when farming stopped if farm got disabled.

Armor upgrade
-fixed bug, when bot stopped sometimes becouse of armor upgrade error

-fixed bug, when troops were not trained in Great barachs or Great stable

Attack builder
-You can now set scouting target: if set as raid (type=4), scouts will scout for resources, if set as attack (type=3), scouts will scout for defense.

Farm search
-improved report analysing
-you can set to obtain reports and to analyse them. However, it may take a lot of time to do that.
-search history added, filter history added.
-improved filter
-links added on player, ally and reports.

-When you click get data, commercials tab with TravianTactics comercials should open. It should not be disturbing, because it opens in background and you might not even notice it. Note that with visiting commercials, you support developers of TravianTactics. That way, we can create better bot for you.

Version: 4.66
Date: 19.7.2013

-Optimised site for better loading

Version: 4.65
Date: 16.7.2013

-fixed small bug with attack builder

Version: 4.64
Date: 15.7.2013

-fixed translations on Chrome

Version: 4.63
Date: 7.7.2013

-Now supports WW village
-Connection settings added: you can enable https; for those who have blocked http

-Fixed bug that caused looping when trying to train troops in Great Barracks or Great Stable, but there was not enought resources

-Fixed building of wall

-You can now set scouting target: if set as raid (type=4), scouts will scout for resources, if set as attack (type=3), scouts will scout for defense.

Attack builder
-Improved security: attack builder will check if you have enough troops for all set attacks and it will check it 5 seconds before sending. This should fix some problems some players had (sending units without catapults and with cata targets set).
-Departure time added in table
-Added count down for Send in time in table
-Button Send in X minutes added for easier setting of time for attacks

Goldclub farming
-Fixed bug when all troops were not sent to farmlist.
-Fixed bug when copying farmlists: when copying is finished, progress it is now properly dispayed at 100%

Version: 4.62
Date: 28.6.2013

-Documentation page added. Visit it here.
-You can also translate bot and tutorials to your language on documentation page

-Improved look
-Join with previous implemented - read more in documentation.

Farm finder
-Can now analyse last report of farm (Analyse farm income).

Version: 4.61
Date: 26.5.2013

-fixed bug with c9/15 finder on T4.2
-analysing fixed on T4.2

Version: 4.60
Date: 18.5.2013

-analysing fixed

Version: 4.59
Date: 16.5.2013

-fixed bug with trader
-fixed bug with goldclub farming

Version: 4.58
Date: 16.5.2013

-fixed bug with trader

-script now works on chrome with Tampermonkey installed
-there might be bugs on chrome, if you find any please report them

Version: 4.57
Date: 15.5.2013

-fixed bug on firefox 21
-fixed T4.2 oases analysing

Version: 4.56
Date: 9.5.2013

-fixed resources bug on T4.2 servers

Version: 4.55
Date: 9.5.2013

-fixed trader bug on some T4.2 servers
-fixed bug with analysing on T4 servers
-fixed saving data to offline bot for players with character "&" in username

-wheel of fortune added. Now, you can spin wheel of fortune every day to win some credits for golder.
-wheel of fortune is available in Golder section.

Version: 4.54
Date: 29.4.2013

-fixed bug with coordinates on some T4.2 servers

Templates added
-fixed bug when tasks were not added to correct village
-when you get data, invalid tasks(added to wrong village by templates) will be removed.

Tips added
-Tips are shown that suggest you how to setup bot to lower its activity

Version: 4.53
Date: 28.4.2013

-fixed bug with coordinates

Version: 4.52
Date: 27.4.2013

-fixed bug with coordinates on some T4.2 servers
-fixed bug with farm finder on some T4.2 servers
-fixed troop training in T3
-fixed farming links in T3

Templates added
-Templates are avaiable under Options=>templates
-You can save curret village tasks into template and later use it to set tasks for other villages

Version: 4.51
Date: 24.4.2013

-fixed buttons for adding new buildings on some servers
-fixed troop training in T3
-fixed Gold Club Farming on some servers
-fixed attack builder on x2 servers (and probably correct market analysing)

Version: 4.50
Date: 5.4.2013

-fixed bug when some players couldnt get data.
-you are now able to copy farmlists, larger then 100 farms on T4.2. If you have more farms, TT will create multiple Goldclub farmlists.

Version: 4.49
Date: 3.4.2013

-fixed T4.2 build new building buttons (which were not displayed)
-fixed trader bug, when script kept analysing village if it didnt have marketplace.

Version: 4.48
Date: 2.4.2013

-fixed armor upgrade

Version: 4.47
Date: 1.4.2013

-fixed analysing for T4.2
-fixed farming

Version: 4.46
Date: 31.3.2013

-fixed deleting tasks properly (finally)

Smart analysing
-added smart analysing (you may enable to analyse only the things needed for tasks)
-smart analysing is enabled by default
-you can change it to analysing all villages (as in previous version) in Analysing option (Options => Analysing options)

-attacks will be sent to farms only once per one attack (wont sent multiple attacks to same farms).

Version: 4.45
Date: 27.3.2013

-fixed analysing for T4.2 (which coused trading by % not working correctly)
-fixed deleting tasks properly (I hope)

Version: 4.44
Date: 24.3.2013

-fixed trading for x3 servers
-fixed T4.2 copying farmlist, sending hero to advanture

Version: 4.43
Date: 14.3.2013

-bugs with trading and training fixed
-fixed T4.2 building, farm finder, goldclub farming
-added offline forms

Version: 4.42
Date: 13.3.2013

Attack builder
-delay between attacks enabled

-Tasks are not combidned anymore, but are arranged by type: building, trading, troop training, festivals, armor upgrade and demolish.
-each type of task has its own tasklist now
-priority removed, join with previous implemented
-tasks that had the same priority were joined with previous
-First task of each type is executed if possible. If not, next one will be executed if it is joined with previous. This will last until next task is not joined with previous task.

1st task: build warhause lv 1
2nd task: build granery level 1, joined with previous
3rd task: build marketplace level 1, NOT joined with previous

Bot will first check if it can build warhouse.
If it cant build warhouse (not enought resources), it will check if it can build granery.
If it cant build granery (not enought resporces), it will NOT countinue with checking if it can build marketplace.
When warhouse and granery will be build, they will be removed from list. 1st task will become marketplace, so bot will check if it can build it.

-Buttons orded into menu
-task list improved
-tasks can now be draged up and down, but only the same type of task (buildings can only be swiched with building, trading with trading...)

Travian 4.2 support
-Building fixed
-Trading fixed
-Farming fixed
-Troop training fixed
-Armor upgrade not yet tested
-Gold club farming not yet tested
-Hero advantures not yet tested
-Party not yet tested
-Demolish not yet tested

Offline bot
-Offline bot button added

Version: 4.41
Date: 8.2.2013

-fixed bugs, when you were unable to add some tasks

Version: 4.40
Date: 6.2.2013

Crop finder:
-fixed ally filter bug.

-hero function was added
-you can now set hero to automaticly do advantures

Version: 4.39
Date: 21.1.2013

-Fixed bug with greasemonkey 1.6

Version: 4.38
Date: 25.12.2012

-Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Attack builder:
-added type of attack: now you can set attack as reinforcements, this way you can use attack builder to send your reinforcements and insert them between enemy attacks (to destroy their catapults and prevent village destruction)
-added time calibration: if you want attack (reinforcement) to come at destination at the exact set time, use this feature.

Version: 4.37
Date: 9.12.2012

-Attack builder added

Attack builder features:
-You can now set attack builder tasks
-You can specify exact time when attack should arrive
-You can attack in multiple waves
-You can set catapult targets
-You can set multiple attack builder tasks
-Can be used for real attacks or for fakes

Some notes about Attack builder:
-script should be running when attack should be sent (be careful with Working time feature)
-all waves should have same speed troops (or they will not arrive to target at the same time)
-check hero tick only in wave in which you want hero to attack (and not in all waves, or hero will attack only in first wave)

From my experience, arriving time is exact up to 2 seconds:
-usually, time when troops arrive is 1 second later from specified time
-sometimes attacks are sent at the exact specified time, sometimes 2 seconds later.

Version: 4.36
Date: 13.11.2012

-fixed "disable farm if last report had loses"

Crop/farm finder:
-you can now check "advanced farm finder" to use new farm search, otherwhise you can still use old one ( new one does not work for all servers).
-fixed bug when checking all allies in filter

T4 party:
-for now works only for travian 4
-you can add task to auto party in your village every X minutes (default non-stop)

T4 armor upgrade:
-for now works only for travian 4
-you can add task to upgrade armor of your troop

Version: 4.35
Date: 31.10.2012

Crop/farm finder:
-fixed bugs and improved.

-You can now set demolish tasks.

Version: 4.34
Date: 29.9.2012

-fixed some bugs
-farming interval added.

Version: 4.33
Date: 29.9.2012

-fixed some bugs

Version: 4.32
Date: 29.9.2012

-fixed some bugs on travian 3.6
-fixed troop training in great barracks, stable, residence and palace

-working time added
-you can now setup working time of script
-if script doesnt work all the time, it is less likely you will be suspicious to multihunter
-script works in turns: working interval follows pause interval, after that followes woring interval again...
-you can set max an min time of interval, script will randomly pick time brtween those times.
-you can see avarge percentage of script working and adjsut it.
-you can add custom working time

Version: 4.31
Date: 23.9.2012

-fixed bug with farm finder

Version: 4.30
Date: 23.9.2012

-fixed some bugs on 3.6 server
-fixed bug, when romans sometimes didnt build both fields and buildings at same time.

Version: 4.29
Date: 18.9.2012

-fixed some bugs

Version: 4.28
Date: 13.9.2012

-fixed some bugs with registration

-fixed some bug with tabs

-fixed some error which was coused by lack of wheat. If your willage will lack wheat and will be set to build, it will build wheat field first (wont loop trying to build)
-fixed bug, when script couldn't build marketplace, rallypoint, palace or residence if wrong tab was selected

Get data:
-fixed some error which was coused by firefox. Get Data shouldnt pompt window "install script", if you have script installed

-minimised number of analysed pages after building, trading, sending troops and troop training. This should greatly lower total number of request made to travian.

Version: 4.27
Date: 1.9.2012

-golder was added
-each account can create 1 golder account
-gold account is built by TravianTactics (you dont have to be online)
-after about 7 days, gold acc should be finished and you should recieve 50 gold (when you check "invite friends" page on travian)
-you will be able to get cupons for additional gold accounts on facebook in future

Version: 4.26
Date: 30.7.2012

-fixed bug, when you couldnt farm with hero (travian tactics farmlist)
-some golder code added, expect more soon
-fixed SMS sending

Version: 4.22
Date: 17.5.2012

-All tasks are done with requests (in background)
-Uses less memory
-Works faster
-Logs your tasks
-you are able to import/export data
-your old data was lost (sorry about that)

Version: 3.32
Date: 30.3.2012

-Fixed some bugs with localy saved data.
-Fixed bugs caused by new Travian update (com8 server)

Version: 3.31
Date: 27.3.2012

-Fixed some bugs with localy saved data.
-Data saving to server temporary removed
-Fixed bugs caused by new Travian update (com8 server)

Version: 3.30
Date: 23.3.2012

-Fixed some bugs with localy saved data.
-Fixed bugs caused by new Travian update (com8 server)

Version: 3.29
Date: 5.3.2012

-Fixed some bugs with localy saved data.

Goldclub farmlists:
-Troops home added. You can set number of troops left in village
-You can now edit time between sending troops again.

Version: 3.28
Date: 17.2.2012

Localy saved data:
-You can now save data localy
-when you save data to server, you also save it localy
-we are planing to make server maintaince, deleting all data from server in near future(becouse we have some problems due a lot of data saved). After that, you will be able to save data localy or on server (as you will prefer).

-buttons look have been chaned
-buttons now change size depending on text inside

Version: 3.27
Date: 10.2.2012

Crop/farm finder:
-fixed ally filter bugg
-added oases type: you can now also search oases of one type
-you can now alse search for oases with crocodiles

-french translation added

Version: 3.26
Date: 20.12.2011

-fixed goldclub farming bug
-changed link from travian to TT page (now looks better and is in right corner)
-after attacking farms, script now analyse only rally point (instead of whole village). We hope this will prevent 1- hour blocks, caused by sending too many requests to server.

Version: 3.25
Date: 15.12.2011

-fixed trader bugs

Version: 3.24
Date: 29.11.2011

-added gold club farming. Now, you can add farmlist from your goldclub. Go to page with farmlists and you will see button Add farmlist there
-added coping of traviantactics farmlist to goldclub farmlist

Version: 3.23
Date: 24.10.2011

-fixed farming on T4. Script does not analyse incomming and outgoing troops, but sends troops every 4-10 minutes (random). So troops may not be sent right after they return, but will wait in village for max 10 minutes. This time can be changed in Analysing options, but will not save after you refresh page (for your safety, you will have to set this time every time you refresh page, otherwise it will be default time).
-fixed wrong coordinates on server
-fixed some other bugs

Version: 3.22
Date: 11.10.2011

-fixed farmlist bug

Version: 3.21
Date: 10.10.2011

-fixed some bugs
-farm analyses added. Now you can analyse your reports and draw graphs with efficiency.
-Greek, Persian and Serbian-latin translation added

Version: 3.20
Date: 22.9.2011

-fixed bug when analysing villages
-added checking when adding buildings to taklist. There was sometimes bad recognised id which caused error.

Version: 3.19
Date: 10.9.2011

-fixed analysing troop movements for T4
-fixed SMS sending

Version: 3.18
Date: 8.9.2011

Crop/farm finder:
-Added (un)select all farms checkbox
-Added fields where you can set number of troops for all farms, if farms are active and type of attack
-Coordinates are displayed instead of newdid - for easier recognising of village

Analysing options:
-Increased time between analysing. Analysing will now take longer, but hopefully there wont be any 1 hour bans.
-Time between analysing is adjustable: you can set minimum and maximum time. However, you have to set this everytime you refresh Travian tactics page (we might change it in future, so your set time will save)
-You may now analyse your villages or single village. Stop script, press Analysing options, select village (or all villages) andpress Analyse! button. If you want that script starts after analysing, press Analyse and start! button.

-Added Portugues - Brazil translation
-Added Czech translation

Sending resources:
-You may now use send by % for sending resources to villages that are not yours. In that case, your village will empty to your set %, % of resources to fill wanted village will be ignored(but must be greater than 0!). So script will send resources to that village untill it reaches the empty % you have set.

SMS sending:
-fixed sms sending

Bug fixes:
-some other bugs were fixed

Version: 3.12
Date: 8.8.2011

-Added elephand finder for v4. Look under crop/farm finder.
-Added free oazes fider. Look under crop/farm finder.
-Fixed some builder and farmer bugs on t3.6 and t4.

Version: 3.0
Date: 6.8.2011

-Village analyzing now runs in background(you see progress bar)- T4 only
-Bot should now work with other scripts, I tested with resource bar +
-Bot execution time is lower and it should take less memory(less ff crashes)
-Fixed sms sending function
-Fixed farmer on t4

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 Post subject: Re: Travian T4 script - Changelog
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:30 pm 

Joined: Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:29 pm
Posts: 1

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 Post subject: Re: Travian T4 script - Changelog
PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:33 pm 

Joined: Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:43 pm
Posts: 1
Hello Developer of script,

I am using this script from long time, its really good as compared with others.
I am listing some problem here faced by me which currently exists after your latest update 4.85

1= Demolish task do not work properly, it stuck after Demolish 1 level and halt all other task by saying "Building already demolishing"

2= Script do not update Hero's Mansion, if we add task to update Hero's Mansion it will be removed automatically from the task list without updating any level.

3= After you latest update, script does not update market, if we add task to update market, it simple stuck at the same task neither update it nor go to the other task.

4= Attack builder is not 100% efficient,some times it run the task perfect but some time it just show "preparing attack" and stuck (not even send the attack) and some times it send the attacks but sequence of the waves are not proper, for ex task added for four waves 1st wave,2nd wave,3rd wave ,4th wave but it send like 2nd wave, 1st wave,3rd wave ,4th wave.

5= Some times bot just stuck due to no reason and say "checking what to Do", even there are several task pending for him to execute (Mostly in google crome).

6=There was a feature called "report analysing of Crop/farm finder", it was the best feature of the complete script. Its my personal request to provide that back.
its you think its the reason of getting ban, you can add a Waring like "use at your own risk".
As per my opinion its not the reason to get ban, troops que is by exact time interval.
even if there is a risk many of my friends are ready to take in return of that feature.

Thanking you
Your Fan

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 Post subject: Re: Travian T4 script - Changelog
PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:49 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:47 pm
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